Sources of Inspiration

The internet is abound with stories, knowledge and real-life experiences. Here, we share with you the resources that have inspired our 6 month trip to Spain.

Check back as we continue to add more inspirational travel resources.

Learn a Language

Learn a language with Live MochaLive Mocha – The world’s largest online language learning community with free language classes and the ability to submit your written and spoken exercises for review by other native speakers.

Lang-8 – Submit your writing and have native speakers correct it for you.

Generate an Income That Will Travel With You

4-hour-work-week4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss – This is a transformational book that will inspire you to look very differently at work, life and your goals. It’s not about earning as much money as possible, but about earning enough to finance your dreams and earning in a way that frees you from the 9-5. Truly life-changing and this trip probably wouldn’t have evolved the way it has without this book.


smart-passive-incomeSmart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – Pat is one of the most authentic, genuine and humble people in the internet marketing space and is incredibly popular as a result. He provides detailed (and free) knowledge on how to create passive income sources that can travel with you and that can generate income while you’re spending quality time with your family.

Check out the Smart Passive Income blog and subscribe to his awesome Podcasts via iTunes to get started on your own passive income projects.

Travel with Kids

y-travel-blogY Travel Blog – I saw Caz and Craig at the ProBlogger conference in 2011 – they are down-to-earth and passionate about travelling continually, even with their two beautiful kids. Follow their journey around the world and be inspired.

Mum Abroad – This portal is designed specifically for travelling with kids in Spain with practical advice and tips.

Over to You

What resources have inspired you to travel? Add your comments below.

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