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21 thoughts on “Stay in touch

  1. Love ur work tones – this side of the family is very jealous – enjoy the freedom from work it doesn’t come around very often!

  2. Hey Guys!! What an AMAZING website you have put together!!! We would love to fly down from London to see you guys at some point on your travels, perhaps around Southern Spain in April or May. We will be touch to arrange some plans.

    Enjoy it all!


    1. Would love to see you guys! Just let us know what you are thinking. In April we have to head Cornwall for a week, plus my parents might be around. But I am sure we can fit you in easily!!


  3. Love love love it!!! Looking forward to reading all about your travels! Crossing our finger in hope to meet you over there. Enjoy!!!

  4. Welcome in Europe, my dears! I just read Anthony’s explanations of your motivation: Very interesting! Have a good time, filled with forming experiences! Take care°! With love yours Heinke and the whole family

  5. Antonio y familia, bienvenidos a España, os seguimos en el blog de vuestro viaje de vacaciones.Espero que esteis disfrutando,aquí en La Casa Rural La Cigueña os estamos esperando con unas copas y una botella de vino excelente de La Rioja. Os ha gustado Dubai y sus playas? pues espera a conocer La Rioja y sus Bodegas os sorprenderá. Que tal llevais el español?, espero que para cuando llegues en agosto lo hables lo suficiente para entendernos. Hasta pronto.

    1. Hola Jesus, gracias por seguir nuestro blog. Espero que lo encuentres divertido. Nos encanta Espana hasta el momento. Hemos tenido unos pocos vinos de La Rioja y nos encantan. Estamos muy contentos visitar La Rioja. Esperemos que nuestro espanol sera mejor para entonces. Hasta agosto!

  6. Veo que estás mejorando tu español, están muy bien todos tus comentarios pero lo que mas me impresionan son las fotos,son de profesional.Toda mi familia os seguimos en el blog y nos resulta divertido. Próximamente os seguiremos por facebook.Un saludo para todos, hasta pronto.

  7. If you ever plan to visit the beautiful village of Mijas in Málaga, southern Spain, make sure to look us up.
    ¡Buen viaje!

    1. Hi Lisa

      It would have been great to catch-up with your family. It is very inspiring what you are doing and I love the blog. Great concept and I hope it is going well for you. We were living down that way in Estepa for 10 weeks, but are now on Costa Brava for a month and then heading west towards the west coast of Spain. Would love to hear more about your story.


  8. Hey guys! Looks like you’re (still) having a ball. What a trip! Just checked your itinerary to see where you’ll be from 7th to 14th September as we’ll be chiling out down around Malaga, Granada, Cordoba area. But alas, it looks like you’ll be home by then :(
    Definitely keen to catch up and hear all your stories!

    1. Mate

      No good, would have been great to catch-up? Are you in Europe for long? You obviously couldn’t stay away for Northern Hemisphere for too long. Have an awesome trip!


  9. Hello!
    thanks for sharing the beautiful and inspiring images of Spain and especially Andalucia. We will be moving to Granada city for one year in June 2013 with out 8 year old and 6 year old in tow! We can wait! We’ve been waiting to this for a while and now that we no longer have the Phil & Ted pram or require nappies, we feel the time is right to leave the safety of our home in Sydney. Your girls looked like they had ana amazing time!
    I’ve also started a blog to document our preparations and our year away
    I hope you make it back there this year!

    1. Thanks for your lovely message. How exciting that you are moving to Spain for a year. Granada is a great choice with heaps to do and see nearby and a fantastic and vibrant city with some of the best tapas in Spain in my humble opinion. I have checked out your blog and it is very inspiring what you are doing and we hope we can do something similar when our girls hit school age. It is such a great life experience for children and will help shape them in so many wonderful ways. We are heading back again this year for another 6 months from April and will re-ignite our blog again. We will be passing through Granada in early June for a few nights so we could say hello if you are there. It would be great to meet up with some other Aussies!!

  10. Hey guys! Awesome to see you are living the life and heading back to Spain. Absolutely awesome country and you’re doing what I for one would love to do, but can’t, so will live vicariously again through you.
    Haven’t seen you all in person for ages, lifes been hectic, sorry, but have a great time and look forward to reading the updates.

    1. It is brilliant to be back. Such a great way of life and can’t believe it has been sunny every day so far. Hopefully we catch up at the end of the year. I hope you are well…and the Counting Crows rocked…a bit disappointed I missed that one.

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