About My Family in Spain

We’re a family of four living the travel dream in Spain. Follow us on our journey as we share our stories, our experiences, and our tips on how to turn a travel dream into a reality (even with two young kids!).

Meet the Esselmonts

Meet 30-something parents, Brigit and Anthony, and two gorgeous daughters, Chloe (6) and Zara (4). We’re from Melbourne, Australia, and we have a passion for travel, family and life.


I love travel, food, wine and sports. I was relatively late to overseas travel spending all my summer holidays as a kid at the beach on the NSW South Coast. While this is a beautiful part of world, I wanted to discover new territories.

As a teenager, my parents took our family to Thailand and that started my travel dream, although it wasn’t until I was 27 that I ventured out on my own for 4 month journey taking in the US, Caribbean and Europe.

This sealed the love of travel for me and I never feel more excited about life then when I am discovering new places and cultures. Being a very keen photographer helps drive me as well.

It took me a long time to realise that I am not driven by career and there are more important things in life. Having kids has made me realise that I want to maximise my time with them and what an opportunity, spending 6 months in Spain with them. Also, as a Libran people often say I can’t make decisions, so it great to have Brigit by my side…


I started traveling when I was a baby. My first plane trip was when I was just 10 months old, traveling to New Zealand. When I was 4, I was fortune to be taken on a 3 month trip to Europe with my parents, and again at 12. At 17, I went on a school exchange to Germany for 6 months and had a life-changing experience.

In my 20s, barely a year would go by without travelling overseas. And my honeymoon was a 4-month trip to South and Central America.

So, when Chloe and Zara joined our family, I knew we couldn’t let go of our travel dreams. The kids would just have to come with us!


I am the cheeky one in the family. I love painting, going to the pool or beach and putting my sticky hands on my dad’s computer. I love to wear dresses but I hate shoes.

IMG_5395I’m only 6 and I’ve already been on a plane many times, with trips to USA, New Zealand and of course Spain last year! I don’t really care where we go, so long as I can practice my new Spanish words (rosa, parque and mariposa) and join my Dad for a morning vaso de leche y pan con tomate.

I want to learn lots more Spanish so I can chat with Dora and Tico.


I got my first passport when I was just 3 months old and I have already spent a quarter of my life in Spain.

I love to be cheeky like my sister, smile and practice all my new words on anyone that will listen.  I remember saying Hola to Spanish grandmas last time, so hopefully I can do that again.  I would also love to go hiking and get down to the beach for some digging practice as often as possible.

Why Travel in Spain?

Why not?!

We never waste an opportunity to travel. We have trekked in Kakadu, skied in the Swiss Alps, spent Christmas in Cornwall, drunk wine in New Zealand and drove 6000 km in an RV through 9 US states. Our honeymoon was a 4-month trip to South and Central America, backpacking, drinking Caiprinhas and Pisco Sours, and eating churros and dulce de leche.  We spent 6 months in Spain in 2012 and 2013 and loved it so much, that we are returning for lots more fun in the Spain and the odd bottle of Vino Tinto.

Travel is part of our inner being. It is who we are.

Add to that the inspiration of The Four Hour Work Week, which Brigit is addicted to. In this life-changing book, author Tim Ferriss paves the way for challenging the status quo – how we live, how we dream and how we earn money. After reading the book, Brigit remodelled her life to grow her online business and to free herself of the geographical boundaries associated with earning an income.

Now, we’re both thinking very differently about how we live life and how we earn money in a way that enables true freedom and the ability to live a fulfilling life.

So, why not live in and experience a new country (famous for its food and wine) for six months while enjoying the time and space to be a family??

Why the My Family in Spain Blog?

We’re pretty excited to be travelling to Spain for 6 months and we know of many other families or couples who would love to do the same.

We’ve worked hard to get here. So we want to share all of our stories and experiences with you so that you, too, can live the travel dream.

At the My Family in Spain Blog, you’ll find:

  • Personal stories, experiences and updates of our travels as we learn a language, experience the culture, food and wine, and get to know the locals
  • “How To” guides which make it easy to turn your travel dreams into reality
  • Tips about travelling easily and effortlessly with kids so that you can spend more time enjoying spending time as a family, helping the kids develop and experience other cultures
  • Resources that have been a source of inspiration to our travels
  • Personal insight into how to escape the 9-5 to live your dreams and earn an income from anywhere in the world
  • Destination guides for real local experiences and kid-friendly activities

Follow the My Family in Spain Journey

While you might not fit in our suitcases, you can follow us online:

11 thoughts on “About My Family in Spain

  1. Hi B and A, you dont know me but I have been a big fan of your family since I saw your heartwarming love story on A Current Affair. Its really good to see you guys doing so well. I think there are a lot of people that have been wondering “well they got the ring, now what?” and now we know, or should I say, we are about to find out. Good luck on your travels – Via con Dios, as they say. JF

      1. I never new or saw that story Anths, you’ll have to pop it on the site indeed. Good to see you living the dream mate and you forgot to list me as one of your major influences teaching you how to score goals and how that was an analogy for life! hahaha

        Certainly will spend some time travelling vicariously throught the Esselmonts!

  2. You are such an inspiration, Brigit. I wish you and your family all the best in your dream adventures.

  3. My Husband and I are going to France for 6- 12 months, My mum and dad are friends with your parents and told me about your blog. How wonderful we have twin boys age 2 years. Very interesting and exciting. Well done living the dream

    Kind Regards

    Jackie Glover Green

    1. Thanks Jackie! And congratulations for living the dream, too! We hope you have a wonderful time in France and can get a few tips from our experiences too!

  4. Bonjour Brigit, Anthony, Chloe (2 1/2) and Zara comment allez-vous?

    A very tough day as we said good-bye to our mate Harris. It was a such a sad day for everyone and I was thinking about the good times we all were lucky enough to share with Harris over the years.

    It must be very difficult and surreal for you being so far away but know you are in my thoughts and although you maybe far in distance, you are close in thought.

    Losing Harris is a reminder to us all that life is a precious gift and we need to hold on to the people around us and tell them how much they mean to us and that we love them.

    Hope things are going well for you in Spain and the next sunset you see be sure to raise a glass of wine and remember that there will be another day.

    Love Always,


    1. Life is damn precious and we need to cherish every moment. We are very lucky to have the girls to remind us for the need to stay in the present and respect each other.

  5. The Esselmonts are all gorgeous! have a great time there this time and lovely to be able to follow a blog of your travelling this year :)

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