Week 6: Costa Oeste de Asturias

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[This post is mostly written by Brigit] This week, we left the verdant green Galicia for the verdant green Asturias, as we tasted sidra and enjoyed tranquil ocean waters and jumped in the big surf.

Here’s what we got up to in Week 6…

Where We Went…


Since our next accommodation wasn’t available until the next day, I booked us an apartment at a beach-side resort near Viveiro. It was literally a 25 minute drive from our previous accommodation! The girls nearly flipped out when they realised we had arrived so quickly.

Chloe and Zara jumped into the pool straight away and I booked myself a spa and massage at the on-site well-being centre. Anthony headed up into the hills for a hike.



Later that day, we picked a random restaurant in Tripadvisor, in a rural town, which turned out to be great! They had a huge, smoky grill where they cooked the meat and we enjoyed succulent chicken, a generous serve of ribs and scallops in the shell. Plus, the girls had fun too, so it was a good night all round.

The next morning I went for a walk around the bay – absolutely stunning. What a way to start the day. Just wished we had longer in this place.



Praia das Catedrais

On our way to the next house, Anthony suggested we visit Spain’s ‘best beach’, Praia das Catedrais. I think he thought it would be just like the Galician beaches we had visited – relatively quiet, not too many people and chilled out.

Uh, no.

There were dozens of coaches, and three huge car parks full. You had to sign a form just to get on the beach. On the beach itself, there were swarms of people, all trying to catch a glimpse of this beach during low tide.

Zara and I headed off for a walk (after she went nuts) and Chloe and Anthony went straight into the water. Once we found our rhythm, it was actually quite enjoyable, despite the crowds.



Ortiguera (Asturias)

Still on our way to Somado, we stopped in at Ortiguera for lunch in a restaurant perched high up on the hills, overlooking the coastline. Ha – we thought we were the only ones eating there when we arrived at 2.30pm and it was empty. By 4pm, the room was packed, with everyone just about to start their lunch!



Somado was our home for 6 nights while we hung out on the Asturias coast. It was a sleepy, rural town, up on the hills and surrounded by pine forest and lush paddocks.



There wasn’t a great deal going on in this village except for the local bar with its usual icy poles and ice-creams (a daily indulgence for the girls).


Playa de Concha de Artedo

We knew we wanted to go to the beach, so I randomly picked one nearby. Unfortunately, the one we wanted to go to was packed (Playa Aguila), so we headed to the next one I could find on the map.

Well, it turned out to be stunning!

The walk to the beach was through a beautiful forest. It then opened up to a tranquil bay with a rocky beach with sand near the water’s edge. The water, while absolutely freezing, was so clear and so still. It felt like heaven. And the girls were happy playing on the beach, so I got in at least an hour of good book-reading time – yippee!




[Anthony] A quaint little fishing village, that stunningly cascades down two sides of a steep valley to the harbour. I did a walk here on a beautiful morning as a drive down through the clouds to be greeted by a sunny morning and when I arrived in the village, it was just me and a guy sharpening knifes on the back of this bicycle. So very peaceful. The next day we returned as a family on an overcast day and it seemed like everyone else had the same idea. Now there were thousands of people. It didn’t quite have the same peaceful vibe, but it was still a great little sport of a visit.




Playa de los Quebrantos

[Anthony] The local surf beach. I visited with dreams of going for a surf but never quite got around to it, but the black sand was good for a game of soccer on the beach with the girls.


Playa Xago

With Zara having a meltdown in the car park, things didn’t really get off to a great start. Then, once we made it to the beach, we soon realised that it was ‘closed’ due to rough conditions – that is, you could only enter the water up to your ankles. Chloe had a play on her new boogie board, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

We had our lunch, then headed off in the hope of finding somewhere more family-friendly.


Cabo Penas

[Anthony] To try and break-up the drama of the first beach (Playa Xago), I just drove and drove and we ended at this beautiful cape, where we had some succulent calamari and the family returned to the peace zone.


Playa de Verdicio

[Anthony] Following on from the Cabo Penas, we tried our luck at the beach again…bad idea. Zara had another meltdown about walking 200 metres across the beach and was complaining about everything. We were all shaking our heads and I needed space. So I just left everyone and headed into the big surf and enjoyed being pounded by the fresh and clean water. I then took Chloe for a boogie board as Miss Grumpy played in the sand and Brigit emotionally drained slept. Well Chloe was having fun, I looked up to find Zara had disappeared. Slightly panicked, I luckily saw a little purple blur sprinting back down the beach towards the carpark (20 minutes earlier, she couldn’t even lift her legs) and the rock pools. I had to pull Chloe out of the water and rush after her. I was slightly annoyed but Zara was of course obliviously and said she just wanted to play in the rock pools. We had fun there for next hour, but when it was time to go, it was Chloe’s turn for a meltdown and the drive home wasn’t fun and ended a rather forgettable day.


Senda Costera de Muros de Nalon

Since we’re heading to the hills next week, we thought we’d try out a short family walk and see how far we could take the girls. This was the perfect path to get started on – paved, reasonably flat, views of the coast and with swings halfway. And the girls did really well! They walked about 90% of the way, which was awesome. And we had a really nice time – even if it was at about a quarter of the usual pace we walk when we’re on our own.




Playa Aguilar

[Anthony] After our family hike, I took the kids to the beach while Brigit had a work meeting. I have never been so relaxed reading for almost two hours as the kids dug in the sand in between enjoying the energy and feeling of the big waves. Close to bliss, like time was standing still and girls even left the beach almost willingly after I called Chloe’s name 10 or maybe 20 times!




[Anthony] On a wet day, I gave Brigit a day off and took the kids out to explore the countryside. We found a nice little town called Pravia and girls had a great time playing in the playground and then we searched in vain for Churros con Chocolate. We had to settle hot chocolates instead. Zara capturing the moment here…



[Anthony] Next, we went to the industrial town of Aviles, that has a surprising beautiful town centre. We wondered around and then headed to a beautiful city park where I got to read my book as the girls went to town again in the park and played for ages. It was a great slow day and finished with the promised churros con chocolate in a great little garden cafe in this seemingly hip town.



Lessons We Learned…

Business as Usual… on 5 Hours a Week

When we set off on this adventure, it was my goal to work only 5 hours a week, yet still have a six-figure business. Well, it’s all happening!

I’m probably working a little closer to 5-10 hours a week (but that’s because I can’t help myself because I love what I do). But the best news is that business revenue and profit is right on par with any other month when I’m normally working full-time.

Yes – I work less and get paid the same as an ordinary full-time month. Brilliant.

It really goes to show that setting up a reliable team, scaling via products vs. services, and creating automated marketing systems really pays off in the long run. I have created a very sustainable business model, doing something I love – #livingthedream!


Family Milestones…

Where are those teeth?

Chloe’s growing up! In the last week, she has lost not one, but two, of her baby teeth! Despite the gushing blood, she was very excited to have her teeth fall out and her adult teeth growing up behind them. And even more excited when the Spanish tooth fairy managed to find her and give her a Euro.


Next Week…

Next week, we head to the mountains when we stay near the Picos de Europa. Fingers crossed we can get the girls onto a couple of walking tracks so we can take in the beautiful scenery.

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